Savoring The Last Few Hours of Holiday Break

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Our holiday breaks made for 2 nice long weekends in a row this year. I loved it! But now I’m down to one last day and everything I planned to get done is glaring at me and my procrastination techniques (Pogo games and naps, usually.) Today it was venturing outdoors in the freezing cold.

I intended to get more site work done. Of course I managed to create the spreadsheet and break open a new flash drive, but as far as getting all the WordPress tasks done, I’m a dozen domains behind my goal.

The ornaments are off the Christmas tree
I should have grabbed a picture when it was beautiful.

The Christmas tree is still up. It’s bare and the ornaments are in a dish on the dining room table. All the Santas are hanging out there, too. So… progress, right?

My poor apartment could use a good cleaning from top to bottom and left to right, but all I managed was to week 2 dozen books out of the first case and leave some piles of books around to send off to a new home. When I spilled coffee grounds on the floor a few minutes ago, I saw that the stove is OMG! Stainless steel shows everything and I just saw everything. yikes.


Time to put the Santas away for another year.
About half the Santas waiting for the bubble wrap and the green bin.

So I will leave this here as the first post of the New Year and head back to my solitaire game until I work up the mojo to FTP some files. Happy 2016!

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