Organizing Christmas For Next Year

Where can I put these so I can find them next year?

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When it’s time to put Christmas away for another year, I always get the urge to organize it so next year is effortless and I don’t have to dig so deeply for the things I absolutely need early.


Christmas baking supplies organized for next year.
All ready for next year

Our library cookie walk is always the first Saturday in December and my calendar usually has Thanksgiving weekend blocked off, not for BFCM shopping, but for baking. That’s admirable, but instead I find myself fighting the crowds to find cupcake liners in holiday colors and wondering where I stashed the treat bags I bought from Current on sale.

Let’s back up just a step and admit that my pantry is big enough that it should be useful, but it’s in need of an overhaul so badly that when I took a picture I decided you were never going to see it. 🙁  I vowed that I would put the Christmas baking things somewhere easily seen from my 5’2″ nearsighted view.

Photo box to the rescue

Photo box from Michael's
$1.50 solution to an annual de-motivating problem

Yesterday I was in Michaels, browsing more out of boredom than need, when I realized that a Christmas “photo box” was the perfect solution. If I bought one (75% off) that was decorated christmasy enough, I could put the cupcake liners and treat bags up high and still see them when next November rolled around.

You can surely understand the thrill of gathering holiday cupcake liners for $.59 and Santa treat bags for $.59 and this perfectly function-visible box for $1.50. Pantry problem solved. Next year I will not need to postpone the cookie walk baking to find liners or any of the other stuff I racked up $20 gathering this year. Help me remember not to bury it too deeply in this overflowing pantry of mine.

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