Mail Client Challenges Equal Frustration

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Mail Client Challenge

  1. I do not like Outlook. Maybe I never learned it well enough to be in charge, but no matter how many times I try it, the same thing happens. It seems to think that I don’t need to see all the items in my inbox. I swear it gives me a glimpse and then stashes it somewhere I can’ find.
  2. I upgraded computers and since the mail client I was using on the old pc was discontinued several years ago, that’s not an option. So much for the advantages of mastering that learning curve.
  3. I have 4 mail accounts that matter – my own Gmail, my throwaway Yahoo, my work email (!!!) and my MSN, which apparently controls my entire digital existence.

So What’s UP?

I want to set up my work email on the new pc. Windows 10 seems to have a mail client included, which is somehow related to Office 365, which I love. So I added the work account. Easy Peasey. Except it’s empty and when I attempt to sync it says “Problem”. Grrrr.  I seriously have too much to do today to mess with this.


Can’t someone make email easy? Pleasey?

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