Don’t Wanna (clean that)

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Update September 27, 2017:  I have to admit that almost a year has gone by and not much of what I promised myself has come true. I did get the pile of clothes sorted between the consignment shop and Goodwill – so the guest room would be cleared. That is true if I get my ironing done now. sigh. Today I am very thankful for the woman who comes by a couple of times a month and cleans my surfaces and floors. I clear clutter the day before and that combo keeps the health department at bay.

I don’t wanna deal with that…

It’s January 1 and if you’re like me, organizing is top-of-the-mind right now. But I look around and most of the stuff that really needs organizing is stuff I don’t wanna. So I thought about it and I think I’ve hit on a solution I can pick away at, which should make it seem less like punishment.

I just decided to list one room per week in my planner – and sometime during that week I must deal with one “I don’t wanna” chore in that room and write it down. I pushed and pulled my brain matter to come up with a list of 13 so each quarter of the calendar year, one room gets something taken care of that I have dreaded long enough. I ended up with just a couple of repeats – maybe only 1 – my bedroom, which is the biggest disaster in the house.

My “don’t wanna” list for Q1


Kitchen – rearrange the pantry (this is a natural, since all the serving dishes are spread out on the counters now because of Christmas)

Bedroom – Pick a pile, any pile. All LOLing aside, I need to clean my stuff out of my old computer so I don’t lose precious pictures and so I can pass it on.

Master Bath – the shower is begging me to find the steam cleaner attachments and get to work.

Guest Bedroom – Seriously – organize the crap that’s just sitting there mocking me.

Guest Bath – easiest spot in the house – I keep it pretty clean – check that cabinet under the sink – it must need something.

Laundry or utility room – Find something skinny enough to dust between the washer and dryer.

Hall closet – hmmm floor or shelf? They both need some love

Garage – Not a disaster, but there’s always something that needs to be somewhere else – recycle the cans? Sweep the floor? Cut down the Amazon boxes?

Bedroom – still a pile or two to disperse – are you kidding me? I live in this room – clear the clutter! Strip out one bookcase that’s just holding stuff I don’t know what to do with. It’s been there for 30 months – I’m not going to do anything with it – say Bye-bye!

Livingroom – is that media case still sitting there with things that are too full of memories to give away but too useless to display? Decide!

Car – find every empty water bottle and get it out of the car.

Computer – yep – it’s the biggest room in the house if I’m admitting to I don’t wanna tasks. Clean up one whole drive and organize the files that remain.

Roll-top – this desk might as well be a room – it takes up as much space and holds just as much junk. It’s just about tax deadline – clear the main desk area and make sure you didn’t miss filing any receipts.

This list has been noted in my planner – wish me well!




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