Cruising the Caribbean Ocean

Cruising the Caribbean- Love it? Hate it?

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Even though I’ve only cruised the big big ships once I’m have to say I loved it. And I have the next cruise booked. I’ve done lots more small yacht sailing – mostly in Lake Michigan and the Florida Keys.

My first big ship cruise was with Carnival, out of Galveston. It was even better than I expected and I was ready to go again even before we braved icy winter to get back home. The next reservation is for January of next year with Royal Caribbean and one of their huge new ships – Harmony of the Seas.

As I start making my lists and checking them twice, I’ll share what I’ve learned and what other more experienced cruisers share with me. I’m also in need of new luggage. I can’t decide whether to go overboard with the budget to get something that will last forever, or accept that the airlines and other porters are hell on bags and nothing is going to last very long. It’s a tough decision. My first “good” set of luggage regularly went through hell and back and lasted for a decade of hard use.

So I’ve left you with nothing helpful here at all, but I’ll get there. Promise.