Hillary For Iowa

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I’m excited about my first Iowa caucus. Iowa politics and Johnson County were big a big influence on my decision about where to live when I moved back to the Midwest last year. Tonight was my 3rd time helping at the local campaign office in North Liberty. I love how Iowans take the primaries seriously. They study the issues, they ask questions and demand answers. They seldom commit early; their tradition is to listen, learn and make a good decision. Too cool

Hillary Town Hall at Old Brick in Iowa City on Dec 16th.
Hillary Town Hall at Old Brick in Iowa City on Dec 16th.

The image is from Hillary’s townhall at the Old Brick Church in downtown Iowa City on Dec 16th. It was my first time up close to a presidential candidate ever. The energy was so motivating! I can see me in this photo because I know exactly where I was sitting, but this is the only image I can find where even a little bit of me was visible. The lady in pink in front of me was extending her cellphone most of the time.
Will you be caucusing in Iowa Feb 1? Or if you live elsewhere, do you vote in the primaries?