Heart Tug

There are always little stacks of paper notes to sort through – on my desk, in my planner, everywhere. Today I was sorting a small stack that had been tucked in the main pocket of my planner, which meant they held some serious importance to me for one reason or another. A folded piece of torn printer paper had written at the top: I want to:

Old wish list found
Yes, I draw on all my papers, don’t you?
So what followed was a list of goals from some time in the past and I quickly determined that it was at least 9 or 10 years old because number 8 was “Go sailing somewhere fun” and number 9 brought tears. 9: Fun road trip with Dave. The word fun was underlined, so I think the list might be from his last year when our trips were mostly to the ER. We had two exhausting trips in that time period also – when his Mother passed away in Colorado, we made the trip from Arkansas to Colorado and then to Iowa and he made it through the burial and then spent the next 10 days in the Iowa City Hospital. About a year later, we made a 10 days journey to IL/IA and saw as many kids/grandkids/baseball games/Father’s Day cards/birthday dinners/lunches with friends as we could manage. So writing “fun” road trip with Dave was probably a message of hope to the Universe during a trying time.

Some other highlights from the list – to leave on a positive note:
Paint – the dining room AND a painting or two
Write – I still think about that Great American novel, don’t you?
Family Reunion – We did manage that a few times after this note was written – I’m always ready to do it again.

Pretty generic, right? I think I will fold this back up again and drop it in the memento box.