For The Want Of Some Hand Lotion


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I’ve heard that pure blogging your life is interesting to your readers. If that’s true, here’s a treat.

I was up to my ears in work this morning, but my hands were screaming for lotion. When I hit a stopping point I headed for my bathroom to grab some. Uh Oh, I was going to replace the soap, that’s why I left the shower curtain open. Last bar, don’t forget to grab some more. Scrubbing bubbles on the soap tray, better move the shampoo bottles and get that area too. Where’s the timer so the foam doesn’t dry because I forgot. Oh yeah, more soap. Laundry closet shelf. Soap. Where’s that duster thing that fits between the washer and dryer? You were going to do that in December. There. Maybe while it’s in hand, clean down in the lint filter. Soap – grab some soap. Might as well throw a load of laundry in. Back in the bathroom with the soap, my hair dryer is cool, so I can clean the counter.

Back to my desk, pick up where I left off. I should blog this. Boy, my hands are dry. I need some lotion.